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Alternative Provision

Our Pedigree

As a government approved provider of education and training, Sunrise Bushcraft has been awarded a place on ACTOR and delivers nationally recognised QCF qualifications through outdoor and land based education. In addition to mainstream pupils who are looking to expand their education within an outdoor learning environment, we work in partnership with Hampshire and Dorset county councils to offer bespoke days specifically designed to be of benefit to children with a wide spectrum of physical, behavioural and educational needs. We also work with many local and national charities and education centres to provide alternative provision to excluded children, young offenders, children at risk and those who fit the NEET profile. Our alternative provision offers a broad capacity to deliver programmes to young people and vulnerable adults within our 30 acre private woodland in the heart of the New Forest.

At Sunrise Bushcraft we have the capability to offer both residential and day training courses depending on your needs and cater for all conditions, especially those on the autistic spectrum that are living with ADHD, Autism and Aspergers. As well as this, we make all efforts to ensure the site is as accessible as possible without compromising the woodlands benefits for those in wheelchairs.

Students are welcome from all backgrounds and can include those who are:
  • At risk of exclusion
  • Excluded from secondary school
  • Unable to attend school for medical reasons
  • Unable to attend school for mental health reasons
  • Special Education Needs (SEN)
  • Young people in the public care system
  • Teenage mothers
  • Not in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • Young offenders
  • New arrivals, refugees and asylum seekers

Our Ethos & Aims

At Sunrise Bushcraft we aim to engage each client in a way that will not only encourage them to achieve at the highest level but will also raise their individual aspirations. We implement an engaging, practical and hands-on ethos to learning, by offering access to a diverse range of activities and experiences. As well as this, the Sunrise Bushcraft professions offer additional access to a wider skill set, that can positively influence clients trajectory and movement towards making positive life choices. We focus on building bonds of friendship and trust throughout the group by working together to achieve mutual goals.

Furthermore, with a proven connection between nature and an individuals physical and mental well-being, we believe that through spending time outdoors with fresh air, nature and the sights and sounds associated with it within our programmes are what sets us apart in education. We pride ourselves in providing each client with a specialised programme that incorporates realistic and achievable outcomes within a relatively short time period. Through this, clients are able to attain nationally recognised qualifications, accreditations and life skills within a bespoke outdoor experience and environment. 

Our Programmes

Whilst at its core Sunrise Bushcraft is nature based, the varying nature of education we deliver is diverse. All qualifications and accreditation's are delivered in an outdoor arena through practical application and underpinned with a portfolio of evidence. This portfolio of evidence allows for the opportunity to develop the clients skillsets, as it places an emphasis on communication and expression through written, verbal and media based evidence. We review this portfolio throughout the course of the project to ensure the client is happy and staying on track. 

As well as these national qualifications, we endeavour to introduce the clients to further skill sets within an outdoor environment. These aim to challenge them physically and mentally through active participation in activities such as orienteering, archery and green woodworking. We are especially well known for the work we do regarding cooking, food choice, budgeting and diet planning. Through application we hope to teach each client a set of real skills that will enhance day to day living and meal planning. We look at local, affordable, seasonal produce and how it can be simply prepared to increase dietary efficiency, blood sugar levels and affordability without processed foods.

Throughout the programme we run a series of activities from good old bushcraft fire, cutting tools, water, shelter and wild food to outdoor cooking, art and craft, music, drama and a host of other fun games.  It could be wet, it may be smoky, it could be fine weather or it could be stormy. We can't predict the conditions on the day but we can guarantee a good time will be had by all!


Through developing areas  such as communication, self esteem and self worth we hope to offer each individual an opportunity of personal discovery, that will help in their personal development. We have found that t he self esteem boost and new feelings of self worth that accompany the achievements  gained through the programme leads to reduced incidents of offending, less reliance on support workers and staff, a greater understanding of a healthy lifestyle and an increased work ethic.

Our overall goal is for clients to achieve qualifications and accreditations that could lead them to continue work in the outdoors. This may be through volunteering opportunities within the sector of wildlife trusts, forestry commissions and similar organisations or through continuing on an annual basis and return to mentor new clients  at Sunrise Bushcraft. As well as this, the programme allows for pathways into further education or employment to be created through illustrating the clients ability to complete courses to a set required level.

To bespoke any of our courses to meet both your and your students requirements, please get in touch.

We Work With The Following Organisations

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