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Birthday Parties

One of the most popular events that Sunrise bushcraft run are a series of days aimed specifically at children.

Woodland Birthday Parties are all the rage!

With games of stealth, baking birthday pizza, nature trails and shelter (den) building - there is much to keep the young mind occupied for that special day.

The day can be tailored or themed to take into account parental wishes (or indeed those of the birthday boy or girl) and can be from 2 hours up to a whole day!

The children will get the opportunity to make 'woodland' pencils and name tags to make up a part of their unique 'party gift bag'! No Barbie Stickers or sugar laden sweeties in our bags! Think crawly critters and membership to our 'Bushies' club!

A truly special occasion that all will remember and many will want to copy for their own birthday!