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Girl Guides

As an official partner to the girl guides we are able to offer a host of options to both guides and brownies with a 50% discount on all our activities and courses!

From week long camps to single day events we can bespoke your time with us to suit your needs. We offer camping facilities as well as hand built shelters for their accommodation. All meals will be provided by our in-house chef ensuring healthy well balanced meals with plenty of treats.

When with us we can offer any combination or all of the following:

  • Fire Making
  • Bread & Pizza Making
  • Game Preparation
  • Knife, Axe & Saw Use
  • Woodland Art
  • Shelter Building
  • Team Games
  • Slack Lines
  • Archery
  • Air Rifles
  • Wild Food & Medicine
  • Tracking
  • Cordage
  • Green Woodworking
  • Water Filters
and much more!

For a bespoke package please contact us. 

Please remember to claim your 50% discount when booking! 

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