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Mindfulness Retreat Days

During the retreat you will learn what underpins the practice of mindfulness and explore how we can enhance our awareness of all our senses to be in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or being caught up in the future.  Throughout the day we will delve into the different aspects of mindfulness and collectively train our minds to be in the present moment, through using techniques such as mindfulness meditation. 

Together we aim to reconnect with nature and  enjoy a more wakeful, healthier and happier life with reduced feelings of depression, anxiety and stress through using mindfulness as a tool to help maintain general well-being.

Together we will explore:

Natural Fire Making

Breath Harmony

Zen Whittling

Tuning Into Nature Meditations

Sensory Walks

Finding Your Tree

Your Retreat Facilitators


Amanda White

Author of essential mind tools, 

Acupuncturist for NHS for 18 years, 

Registered General Nurse,

Cert Education, 

Forest School Instructor, 

First Aid Trainer, 

REIKI Master Practitioner, 

NLP Master Practitioner, 

EFT Practitioner, 

Lecturer, trainer & writer.


Inga Street

Trained with a Zen Buddhist Monk for over 10 years,

Meditated for over 40 years,

Meditation and mindfulness teacher,

Qualified yoga teacher,

REIKI Master Practitioner,

Qualified BA Hons Degree in Fine Art at Central St Martins London,

Holistic Massage Therapist and Breathwork Practitioner,

Body Work Therapist,

Currently training in Hypnotherapy.

Only £135 for a full day retreat! Please contact us for booking information.

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