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Our Courses


Sunrise Day Course

A day long course aimed for those who have had some previous experience in the woods, camping or with bushcraft activities.

Some of the things it covers:

- Knife and Axe use

- Craft work

- Cordage

- Plant use

Price: £99​


Wild Wood Course

This course is designed to cover everything from the day courses but takes place over two days with a night of camping. It is fully catered apart from lunch which gives us a chance to include the following subjects:

- Outdoor Cooking and Bread Making

- Plant and tree walks

- Animal tracking

Price: £199​


Feast and Forage

This is a morning course of foraging for edible goodies in our woods, followed by a cook up around the campfire using some of the wild food ingredients you have collected as well as some surprise ingredients!

The course takes place up to 4 times in each season Spring, Summer and Autumn with different plants, flowers, leaves, roots, berries and nuts to enjoy throughout the year.

Price: £95​


Sunrise Family Activity Day

Join us for a day in the woods with a range of activities including archery, low rope slack line, stealth game, team challenges and more! A fun day for the whole family.

Price: £99​


As Nature Intended

This is a 4 night 5 day course designed for the more adventurous! A fully catered week of bushcraft and survival training including game preparation, trapping, water purification, wild food, tracking, fire by friction, different natural shelters and sleeping methods. Wild cooking, bread making. Carving techniques including spoons and bowels. Plant and tree identification, woodland management and coppicing with greenwoodworking. This course is designed to test your skills and requires a certain level of fitness and commitment as your skills will be tested!

Price: £495


Fungi Foray

Join us for the day with our resident expert considered one of the leading fungi masters! During the day you will get expert tuition to identify and pick a range of edible mushrooms as well as key points to safely identify poisonous ones! We will spend the day in the New Forest looking for different species and varieties some of which we will cook and try at lunch time! A must for any serious cook or wild food fan.

Price: £75


Bow Making Course

This fascinating course is suitable for both novices and practised bowman alike. You will learn the history of the bow, traditional methods of selecting wood, felling, shaping and tillering a bow. Our expert bow maker considered one of the finest in the country will show you the secrets of bow making, arrow making and stringing. Over the 4 days you will get the opportunity to make your own longbow from scratch using hand tools such as axes, draw knives, scrapers and rasps. Every step of the way we will be on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish culminating in a contest on our own archery range! The finished article is yours to take home and use with pride!

Price: £275


Whole of the Deer

Learn about humane killing, population management, butchery and much more in this exciting 1 day course.

An unprepared deer carcass is provided (after learning how you would have gone about acquiring your own) and you will get the opportunity to:-

* Skin the Deer

* Experience a full butchery masterclass

* Prepare all the cuts of the animal

* Learn the uses of all of the cuts of the animal

* Start the tanning process

* Learn and experience hot smoking

* Learn about air drying

* Learn about uses for sinue

* Learn the differences between tanning and drying

Price: £120


Hedgerow Medicine

A fascinating insight into what natural remedies nature holds for us!

During a gentle 2 hour walk through the woods you will discover and learn about the herbs and plants available to us to treat an array of everyday (and not so everyday) ailments.

Upon return to base camp you will get the opportunity to practice making an array of herbal medicines from teas and tinctures to decoctions and poultices.

You will also have the opportunity to make woodland soaps and creams - that you will be able to take home and show the family what you have been doing!

Price: £85

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